漯河康桥昌建 · 璟云府 | 盛博地景观
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                  Inject the life of mountains and rivers and give the soul a habitat.

                  Through the dialogue with the natural landscape, 

                  space redefines the relationship between man 

                  and nature in the cityand shows the future lifestyle.


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                  The project is located in Yuanhui District, Luohe City, Henan Province. Luohe, a beautiful place, boating and singing. It is named after water. It is a northern water city based on water. The plot is located at the intersection of Changjiang Road and WANGWUSHAN Road, close to yuewan lake, looking at Li River and Sha River from north to south. It has a good surrounding environment and rich water resources and landscape. It is a high-quality and livable place.


                  ▲区位示意 Location

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                  Reproduce the Oriental Garden charm with modern techniques, study the regional characteristics and the details of the case name, and refine the four natural landscape elements of "water, forest, cloud and moon". Combining the four landscape elements, taking water as the medium and integrating the cultural heritage of Chinese gardens, it presents an elegant landscape natural landscape more suitable for the aesthetics of contemporary human settlements.

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                  ▲前场空间概念草模conceptual model

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                  ▲后场空间概念草模conceptual model


                  The whole space of the first demonstration area is reserved as part of the future region, so the future use nature of the landscape and site should be sufficient. The east side (front court) combines the future commercial space format to create openness and a sense of ceremony; The west side (backyard) makes full use of the original terrain elevation difference of the site for landscape construction.

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                  ▲首开区景观平面图 Landscape plane


                  The first demonstration area is divided into front and back space sequences by the sales center, with a compact layout and combined with future functions; The small and exquisite space, pure color and vertical planting space let customers step into the park at the moment, as if they were instantly separated from the complexity of the city and entered a natural and comfortable visual environment, with colorful flowers and mottled light and shadow, creating a warm and pleasant landscape atmosphere.

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                  “水居行旅, 树影轻歌 ”

                  Living with water is like traveling, 

                  singing softly in the light and shadow of the forest"

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                  Water residence and tree shadow - space and level

                  去繁归简,将水的灵动、静谧与现代感的线条相融合,塑造不同形式与氛围的空间 ,汲取东方传统景观的精髓,营造充满自然张力与活力的人文景观,用现代设计手法揉和当地特色,诠释自然,塑造值得回味的艺术生活空间。竖向空间上寻求层次变化,通过绿植的搭配、结合尺度控制来体现自然界中不同的空间感受。

                  Go from complexity to simplicity, integrate the flexibility and tranquility of water with the lines of modern sense, shape the space of different forms and atmosphere, absorb the essence of Oriental traditional landscape, create a humanistic landscape full of natural tension and vitality, blend the local characteristics with modern design techniques, interpret nature and shape an artistic living space worthy of aftertaste. Seek hierarchical changes in vertical space, and reflect different spatial feelings in nature through the combination of green plants and scale control.

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                  Traveling and singing - experience and interaction


                  For the process of human experience, landscape has static and dynamic. Through listening, smelling, watching and touching the static landscape, people can have a visual or sensory response to the landscape and give people the characteristics of natural perceptual experience; The dynamic landscape changes independently or with people's changes, which leads to people's curiosity, shock, joy and other emotional reactions, forming a series of interactive deep experiences in the scene space. The ingenious setting of site functions, the mutual composition of landscapes, and the excavation and utilization of space value in the design will stimulate more possibilities for experience for future sites.

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                  The entrance space of the first demonstration area is arranged in the form of symmetrical structure, integrating the modern, light and luxurious temperament. With the sales office as the main space, welcoming trees on both sides, central water features, gurgling water, overlapping clouds, and artistic sculptures floating on the water, forming a lively and ceremonial front environment; Specially selected ginkgo tree array planting, skillfully deduces the seasonal change by taking advantage of the change of leaf color;

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                  The clouds in the sky are reflected in the water, and the water reflects the clouds and tree shadows, swaying with the wind, and the clouds are relaxed to form a dynamic picture. In the light and shadow, the oriental artistic conception is integrated with the natural flexibility. The waterscape of Yuntai is gurgling and the water flows down. Through the layers of "fish scales" like cloud water, the sound of water is soft and pleasant to the ear. The artistic sculpture is like a cloud ribbon, leaping into the picture. At night, it shines like stars in the water, like another scene of the Milky way.

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                  The backcourt space combines the functional layout and adopts the gardening technique of "seeing the big from the small" to refine and reproduce the landscape characteristics rich in the spirit of New Oriental culture. Qushui Creek pond, sparse forest and flying rainbow, scattered scenery stones, a touch of autumn, moving different scenery, alternating between virtual and real, depicting the poetic and pictorial meaning in the bones of the Chinese people. On the Bank of Linshen River, the clouds and mist ripple. As the twilight gets thicker, the splashing water beside the stream gently wet your hands and cool on your face, as if you were walking into an immersive landscape experience like a landscape painting.

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                  Step out of the lobby and sit on the Bank of the water. The arch bridge is like a crescent moon, leaping to the water surface, like branches on the moon, tree shadows whirling and water sparkling. Looking forward, layers of water overflow, and looking back at the Gallery Pavilion. You can enjoy a leisurely time by sitting and experience the crisscross of scenes by walking. The small bridge beside the forest stream flows water. On the water side, it is the most important to turn around and look back. When you concentrate and look, there is a lotus in your heart, and the environment is born from your heart.

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                  The feelings of nature can often be expressed with a few attentive lines, and the summarized water bank lines outline the island of oasis. Backyard garden landscaping means "high mountains and running water meet bosom friends", fully combined with the height difference of the site, the height is stacked, the streams are surging, and the light and shadow in the forest, the flowers and trees are scattered, the running water is singing, and the forest spring is elegant.

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                  The spatial experience of multi-dimensional feeling is the key consideration of design in spatial construction. The condition of height difference is conducive to the hierarchical construction of space and three-dimensional through experience. The corridor and the landscape reception hall are built near the water, eliminating excessive structural redundancy, forming an unobstructed porch space for landscape penetration, and providing a panoramic view of the water yard in the forest. As the core and main scene of the whole space, the landscape reception hall forms a function sharing and connection relationship with the future region to minimize future construction demolition and reconstruction. The design of the demonstration area fully considers the relationship with the whole, so that the construction of the first exhibition area plays a role of connecting the past and the future at the same time.

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                  The carefully deliberated design scale not only solves the problem of space actual control, but also ensures the minimum demolition and reconstruction in the later stage. During the construction, in order to meet the strict requirements of the landscape standards of Kangqiao group, each detail material inside and outside the site is carefully selected, and the shape and site location of each seedling are carefully deliberated to ensure the landscape quality of the project.

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                  ▲首开区前场施工过程 Construction process

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                  首开区后场施工过程 Construction process


                  From scratch, it is the most exciting. The landing of each project is the mark of moving forward, a baptism of the soul, a accumulation of experience, and wandering in the exploration of integrating art and nature.

                  项目档案Project archives

                  项目名称Project name:康桥昌建.璟云府

                  项目地点Project location:河南省漯河市源汇区

                  项目业主Project owner:康桥集团 & 昌建集团 & 漯河城投

                  景观设计Landscape design:CBD.LA 盛博地设计 

                  景观施工Landscape construction河南沛元生态园林

                  景观摄影Landscape photography:忍冬

                  景观面积Project area:2939㎡

                  设计时间Design time:2020年07月

                  建成时间Completion time:2020年10月

                  ARCHINA 所有平台上发布的项目、招聘、资讯等内容,部分由第三方提供或系统自动收录。资料版权属于第三方,若信息不实或涉及版权问题,需要版权方和第三方沟通,ARCHINA 将配合对接,并在确认无误后删除涉及版权问题的信息,相应的法律责任均由资料提供方承担。


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